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Piano Player Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE12 5XX

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Telephone: 0191 268 6379 or 07793 713 378

After playing the piano for more than 28 years, I have built up a wealth of experience as a performer, accompanist and arranger, and would be happy to perform piano at your wedding, birthday, or any other function. With many years of experience performing jazz, pop, rock, blues and music theatre at all kinds of venues from cricket clubs to concert halls, cathedrals to Disney (!), if you would like a professional performance or accompaniment at your event, then I can provide the music your event needs.

I will also perform music to order! Jazz, blues, pop, rock, soul, music theatre, classical – whatever you require is no problem. Provide a list of requests in advance and if I don’t already know them, I will learn them in time for your big event. I have also become well-known for creating fun jazz or cocktail-style interpretations of your favourite rock, indie or pop songs, which has even led to some fun competitions at weddings with the new couple and their guests! Request anything! Some people like to send out request sheets with their invitations so that your guests are guaranteed to hear something they want.

If you would like a special, unique present for someone you love or to mark a significant occasion, then why not order a personalised song?

This service is ideal for weddings, birthdays, or just because you want to send a special message. You may want it to be romantic and tell the story of your relationship, or you may prefer a bunch of silly stories and anecdotes thrown together to have some fun on your big day. If you provide me with details of what you want to say, who the person is, what kind of style you would like and what the message is, then I will write and record you your very own song. You can even help write the lyrics if you want!

You will receive a finished CD, and if required I will also perform it at your special event. How about having a unique way of saying your vows? You can be certain that no one will have a ceremony quite like yours! Or what about your first dance? Nobody will be expecting that!

This exclusive service is guaranteed to provide a memory to treasure. Get in touch for a personalised, free, no-obligation quote.

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