The Story

Amelie Story

I know it sounds cheesy but it was pretty much love at first sight when I first saw Oliver. We both worked in the same office complex so I use to bump into him a few times a week. I plucked up the courage to say hello whilst waiting for coffee and I rest is history. I must confess I use to make extra trips to the coffee shop just to try and catch a glimpse of Oliver sad but true.

The proposal was very simple and romantic and very Oliver he is a very slick dude is my Oli lol. He proposed on Valentines day over dinner which he cooked, before dessert he gave me a box of cupcakes and their was my ring looking back at me.

Olivers Story

To be honest my first thoughts of Amelie was high maintenance which I have told her before so I won't be in trouble for saying this. She was always so well put together and she always smelt so gorgeous. That is what first attracted me to her and her love of coffee, I did notice her checking me out in the coffee shop at lunch. I was never quite sure if she was checking me out or looking at my dodgy ties, so when she did say hello to me I took that as a good sign and made a point to buy her coffee the next day and the rest is history.


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