Your personalised wedding web site!

Welcome to your free wedding web site from Wedding Wishes. You can customise this site as much as you like by adding, deleting, renaming and re-ordering pages as needed.

Replace this text with your own content. The text on the page is written in a simple-to-use code called Markdown.

Here's how to create headings in Markdown:

This is a small heading

This is a large heading

This is a HUGE heading!

You can make text bold like this, and italic like this.

Bullet lists can be written as follows:

  • Here's the first bullet paragraph.

  • Here's the second bullet paragraph.

  • Here's the third bullet paragraph.

Numbered lists:

  1. First numbered paragraph.

  2. Second numbered paragraph.

  3. Third numbered paragraph.

Links to other pages or other sites are easy, like this:

Markdown page on Wikipedia

Prominent links to other web sites (e.g. Gift List web site, links to local attractions, etc.) can also be separately added to the sidebar.

Wedding Website Tips

  • If you want to create a dedicated photo gallery page, remove all of the page text, so that the photo section appears at the top of the page(see the Photo Gallery sample page).

  • To create a Guest Book page, leave the page text blank, and don't add any photos to that page. This will result in the Comments section showing at the top of the page, where guests can sign in and leave feedback (see the Guest Book sample page).


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