The Wedding Of Samuel J Cowan & Sara Paul

10th August 2014

When Sam first proposed to me i could hardly believe my luck! Not only was he the most Gorgeous man i'd ever laid eyes on, but he was also my best friend. I love him with all my heart and the moment he got down on one knee i just knew my life was going somewhere new, exciting, magical. I've lived my whole life believing in love, and prince charming, but never in a million years did i think i would find him so early on in my life. Sam is not only my Fiance but he is my soul mate. He can make me laugh in a second, and there is no better feeling than being wrapped up in his arms. I know every bride-to-be will say this, but Sam has made me the happiest girl in the whole world, and nothing can ever change that.

We have overcome so much together, births, deaths, university, pain, happiness...

We have shared our life stories with each other right up to the point we met laughing and feeling each others sorrow...

And now we would like to continue by writing the next chapter of our story together, joined in holy matrimony by the bonds of marriage, as Husband and Wife.

The ceremony will take place at a beautiful location, that is Murthly Castle in Perthshire, and i hope so many of you will be joining us on the day.



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